MuscleTech Mass Tech Performance Series 7 lbs Cookies & Cream

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  • THE ULTIMATE 100% WHEY PROTEIN+ MASS GAINER : With a unique formula with 60g protein over 131g of carbs and 820 mass-producing calories, plus 6.2g of L-leucine 3g of creatine, and 60 vitamins and minerals, makes Mass Tech Extreme 2000 perfect for your extreme gain goals.
  • Added Power of Creatine Monohydrate: This contains 3g dose of creatine to help you increase strength and regenerate ATP stores that are reduced during resistance training.
  • More Muscle Mass: With each serving you get 13g of BCAAs including 6.2g of muscle building L-leucine. L-leucine helps in amplified protein synthesis which gives you gains and shape like no other.
  • Ultra-pure Proteins: Mass Tech contains proteins that go through a multi-phase filtration process to give you pure protein isolate for maximum gains without the fat, lactose, sugars and minerals.