Holistic Health

Why focus on holistic health?

From the Indian thali to burgers and pizzas, our lifestyle has seen a drastic shift. We now face an epidemic of lifestyle disorders such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, obesity and psychosomatic disorders. To combat the diseases of this generation, a holistic approach would go a long way not only in increasing longevity but also in improving the quality of life.   

What is Auramed? 

Auramed is a super-sensitive bio-medical measuring device that has been certified according to the European Guidelines for Medical Products CE Class 2a. It is based on the latest computer technology combined with the basic principles of ancient healing.   

What does Auramed do? 

Auramed provides an overall picture of the current health status of the individual along with identifying potential health complications before their manifestation through simple graphs and by analyzing the individual's aura. This hand sensor is a refined receiver for high-resolution biomedical signals from 43 organ zones, which are taken from the reflex zones of the palm within 500 milliseconds.   

Who can benefit from the Auramed analysis?

There is no exposure of the body to harmful or disturbing impulses during measurements, and hence, it can be safely used for anyone. Moreover, unlike traditional practices where individuals are required to wear minimum clothing, the Auramed analysis does not have any such prerequisites.  One can prevent many opportunistic health hazards through the Auramed diagnosis. The device also helps to track one's progress once a particular therapy has been initiated. It helps to tackle a problem not only at the physiological level but also at the emotional and psychological level.

Are you ready for an Auramed analysis?

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