Bigflex Prime Whey Protein 2 Kg

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Product Details:
  • Whey Protein is derived from milk. Milk contains two main types of proteins: CASEIN(80%) & WHEY(20%).
  • Whey is found in the watery portion of the milk. When cheese is produced, the fatty part of the milk coagulates and then the whey is separated.
  • After being separated, whey goes through several processing steps to become what people generally recognize as whey protein. Artificial sweeteners and flavours are added to make it palatable.
  • Whey Protein is loaded with all essential (BCAA) and Non-essential Amino Acids which helps in facilitating muscle protein synthesis and recovery post-training sessions.
  • Whey Protein is a convenient way to add 25 to 50 grams of high-quality protein in your daily protein intake.
  • Whey Protein is absorbed and utilized very quickly as compared to other protein sources and has the highest BIOLOGICAL VALUE (106-159).