AMINOZ BULK 6.6 LB (Rich Chocolate)

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  • Aminoz Bulk Mass Gainer is a healthy way to gain weight and is suitable for both gym goers and people with sedentary life style (both male and female).
  • Aminoz Bulk Mass Gainer is a high-calorie formula. This is a Vegetarian product.
  • Daily Servings of Aminoz Bulk Mass Gainer provide 1275 calories, 52.7g protein and 258g Carbs.
  • Protein and complex Carbs in the ratio of 1:5 provides energy and strength for brute training session.
  • 26 Vitamins and Minerals fulfil the dietary gaps and keep you energetic enough to carry out difficult workouts.
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Aminoz BULK an Advanced Weight gain formula is a powerful blend developed By Cramming – 1279 calories per serving , 60gm of whey protein sourced from United State Of America, to support muscle growth and strength gains when used in conjunction with resistance training. Aminoz BULK a World class scientific Formula with Best Delicious Taste is Developed with NO SUGAR and NO ARTIFICAL SWEETNER. Gains with Aminoz BULK also provide the stimulus to radically alter your physique to give you a chiseled, rock-hard look. While other gainers cause you to bloat up like a water tank and gain slabs of fat and make you look and feel like garbage, Aminoz BULK can help you achieve massive and rapid gains in Muscle Mass. Distinct from other gainers, Aminoz BULK is the answer to today’s hard training and hardcore power

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Rich Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanillla


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