Allmax Omega 3(180-softgels)

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  • Is a good source of Omega-3 essential fatty acid
  • Is an excellent source of EPA and DHA
  • Supports brain function and improves heart health

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allmax omega Essential Fatty Acid is an ultra-pure, highly concentrated form of Omega-3 and derived from deep ocean cold fish. It contains a high amount of long-chain essential fatty acids that increase the elasticity of arterial walls and lower levels of fat in the blood.
Furthermore, rapid impulses are necessary for any athlete as a result, consumption of Omega-3 EFA is helpful in not only supporting proper nerve conduction indeed improving memory and help in learning new information.
Athletes have known the capabilities of deep cold water fish oil that aids in attaining peak physical performance. Now, with Allmax Omega 3 softgels you can also attain better health, proper nerve conduction and have a better memory.
Also, as the Omega-3 fish oil has been presented in a compact capsule, there is no danger of spoilage caused by exposure to light sources. It is smooth and easy to swallow and does not produce a fishy smell.

ALLMAX’s ultra-pure, highly concentrated form of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids derived from clean deep ocean cold water fish. Processed in a licensed facility with cGMP certification, our Molecular Level Distillation ensures that you get the purest Omega 3 DHA and EPA factors. ALLMAX OMEGA 3 EFAs being TESTED FOR LEAD, CADMIUM, ARSENIC AND MERCURY.

Is it Safe?

ALLMAX OMEGA 3 EFA ARE FREE OF DETECTABLE LEVELS OF LEAD, CADMIUM, ARSENIC AND MERCURY. Likewise, it received the IFOS 5-Star Rating for exceptional purity; also the absolute highest rating possible!

How do I take?

Take one soft gel two to three times daily. OMEGA 3 Softgel capsules are smooth and easy-to-swallow.

A wide spectrum of research has shown that increased consumption of Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids improves

  • the elasticity of arterial walls
  • helps to reduce harmful levels of plasma triglycerides.

Moreover, It has also shown a reduction in weight with increased consumption of dietary EFAs.



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