Giant Sports Delicious Protein - 5 Lbs - CHOCOLATE

Giant Sports Muscle Maker provides a simple, yet truly effective supplement to help you pack on the pounds and kilos and bulk up fast! With a whopping 1361 calories per recommended serve, Muscle Maker puts other mass gainers to shame and will offer those who find it impossible to gain weight the best tool to achieve their bulking goals. The new Muscle Maker from Giant Sports comes with a hefty serve of protein and is breaming with carbohydrates along with added branched chain amino acids and an enzyme blend to help support better digestion and to avoid the problem of being full all the time. If you’re planning to get serious about gaining muscle and size, you can’t go past Giant Sports Muscle Maker.


Product Highlights


A whopping 1361 calories per recommended serve (6 scoops)

51g of protein with added branched chain amino acids

Low in fat with added digestion resistant maltodextrin

Added digestive enzymes to support digestion and absorption

A range of delicious flavours, is easy to mix and even easier to drink

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