Nutrabolics Mass Fusion Weight Gainer - 16 LbsNutrabolics Mass Fusion Weight Gainer - 16 Lbs
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Nutrabolics Mass Fusion Weight Gainer - 16 Lbs

Product Overview- Helps You Gain Slabs of Rock-Hard Muscle- Supports Your Goals of Staying Shredded as You Grow- Boosts Energy and Muscle Power Like Never Before-...
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Monstrous Muscle Unleashed

Remember when you first started training? Every time you hit the gym, you lifted heavier and heavier. Results came at lightning speed. Your buddies watched in awe as you packed on crazy mass. Friends who’d been in the iron game for a while warned that you should enjoy the ride while it lasted – that gains like these wouldn’t last forever. You were just a beginner, they insisted, and beginner results were always short-lived. But you just shrugged them off. You were going at full speed and nothing was going to stop you.

But they were right. Now that you’ve been at it a while, it’s gotten harder and harder to pack on new muscle. No matter how extreme your workouts, your weight just won’t budge and the gains you really want keep eluding you. You’re stuck in a plateau, and you need something serious to help get you out of it!

For veteran bodybuilders like yourself – or for those of you who are new to the sport but are struggling to add noticeable size – there’s MASSFUSION. This scientifically formulated weight-gaining supplement will give your body the all-out calorie assault it needs to get bigger than ever before! Think bigger shoulders, a more mountainous chest, and a back and bi’s combo that will have everyone in awe. No matter what stage of the game you’re in, MASSFUSION can help you get bigger than you ever thought possible!

MASSFUSION Strategy: Deliver Musclebuilding Calories Without all the Fillers

Packing on extra size depends on consuming serious calories. If you want to really beef up your physique, you need to be eating around the clock! But for those of you have busy lifestyles, aren’t able to pack food with you wherever you go, or simply can’t stomach the thought of eating whole food every two hours on the hour, MASSFUSION is the perfect alternative. It provides you with the superior nutrition you need, when you need it, for explosive muscle growth.

That’s right, we said ‘superior.’ That’s because it’s not just the amount of calories that’s important, but the quality of them too. Imagine eating fast food 24 hours a day. Sure it might make you huge, but not in the way you want! To build lean muscle tissue, you need a combination of superior protein, complex carbs, advanced creatine, and all the right fats. You also need them in a precise ratio and proven dosage. And that’s what MASSFUSION provides.

Back in the day, weight gainers were notorious for boosting their calorie count with a boatload of simple sugars that did nothing more than cause huge insulin spikes. These spikes just made you feel lethargic (an obvious disadvantage if your goal was to tear things up in the gym) and contributed to extra body fat storage. With MASSFUSION, you can rest assured that the sugar content is extremely low, and no useless fillers have been added to the formula. Only ingredients that contribute to serious muscle growth have made the cut!

So what does the low sugar content of MASSFUSION mean for you? Well, now you can finally get bigger while carving those elusive abs! Before, this idea was unheard of. You either got huge OR you stayed small and shredded. Not anymore. MASSFUSION supports massive muscle growth in a way that won’t sabotage your quest for leanness.

MASSFUSION Tactics: Do What Other Weight Gainer Can’t!

Nutrabolic researchers didn’t want MASSFUSION to be just another generic weight gainer. They wanted to spend the time to make sure MASSFUSION was truly groundbreaking, no matter how long it took. As a result, the formula you see today went through various stages and a multitude of tests to arrive on store shelves. It contains superior ingredients combined in precise amounts with the sole purpose of helping you see monstrous gains!

Understanding your need for superior protein, MASSFUSION provides high levels of amino acids to stimulate protein synthesis and extreme muscle growth. Its rapid-release proteins (i.e. high-quality whey and whey peptides) are complemented by slower-release proteins (i.e. casein) to prolong your state of musclebuilding. Slower-release proteins are especially beneficial before bed, so your body doesn’t go unfed for eight to 10 hours at a time and risk losing precious muscle. With MASSFUSION, your muscles are constantly nourished and replenished, even when you don’t have the chance to consume whole-food meals.

Meanwhile, MASSFUSION contains complex carbohydrates only, which aid in protein absorption. There are no simple sugars, fructose, or sucrose. Metabolic fatty acids – or healthy fats – have been precisely included to increase energy. An enhanced creatine blend further adds to the MASSFUSION formula. All this in a smooth, delicious and easily digested drink that can be enjoyed in seconds!


If you’re one of those people who have a hard time gaining weight or you simply want to maintain the size you’ve worked so hard for, MASSFUSION should be at the top of your supplement list.

Four main proprietary matrixes drive the MASSFUSION formula. These unique, custom-engineered macronutrient blends include:

» Waxybolic Carbohydrate Matrix A powerful blend providing massive amounts of glucose energy to fuel muscle growth and recovery. These complex carbs trigger the insulin response necessary to really drive protein utilization and amino acid uptake.

» MASSFUSION Penta-Stage Sustained Release Amino Acid Enhanced Protein Matrix A multi-staged protein blend that provides you with a constant stream of ‘muscle food,’ ensuring you’re always in an anabolic state.

» CEO Advanced Creatine Complex A scientifically advanced complex that helps refuel your body once your normal energy levels have been used up, allowing you to work harder and blast out more reps. CEO also increases cell volumization and contributes to overall muscle growth.

» SuperFats Metabolic Fatty Acid Complex A combination of “lean” and healthy fats that provide an excellent source of energy for muscle growth. 

Suggested use

For Normal Use:
Mix 3 scoops of MASSFUSION in 10 to 20 (need to be more exact) mix one at 12 oz. 14 oz, 16 oz and 19 oz and see which one tastes the best and recommend that amount. ounces (depending on desired consistency) of ice cold water or skim milk. I would avoid just water). Drink one serving for breakfast and another serving before bed.

Hardgainer Use:
Mix 4 scoops of MASSFUSION in 16 oz. of 2% milk. Each shake mixed this way delivers over 1,540 calories! Drink 2 servings daily; one for breakfast and one before bed.