• Abdul Salim Ansari
  • Randhir Singh
  • Cedric Mathew
  • Pratik Shetty
  • Edward Fernandes

Abdul Salim Ansari:



There were many reasons for me to get into the Body Building World, 1St being none other than Mr. Arnold  Schwarzenegger-the greatest inspiration to all the body builders in the world; and 2nd my father and my grandfather who also belonged to this Industry as well and also the Comic Super heroes. So  you can say that I was “Genetically Gifted” to be a part of this field. So I have always had the support and motivation of my family.

Achievement Summary:

International : 

1) Mr. Universe 2013 – 5th WBPF World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championships – Hungary 2013 - WON Silver medal . 

2) Mr. Universe 2012 - 4th WBPF World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championships – Bangkok 2012– WON Silver medal .

3) Mr. Asia 2012 – 46th ABPF Asian Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championships – China 2012 – WON Silver medal . 

4) Mr. South Asia 2012 – SABPF South Asian Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championships - Ludhiana 2012, – WON Bronze medal.

Nationals :

1) Mr. India 2011 – National Championships 2011 Gwalior MP - WON Gold medal and Champion of Champions . 

2) Satish Sugar Classics 2012 – Gokak Karnataka WON Silver Medal.

3) Satish Sugar Classics 2013 – Belgaum Karnataka WON Bronze Medal.

State Championships and Others :

1) Sr. Maharashtra Shree – Sangamner 2011 –WON Gold medal and Most Improved Bodybuilder.

2) Sr. Pune Shree – Pune 2011- WON Gold medal and Best Poser.

3) Jr Pune Shree –Pune 2005 -WON Gold medal and Overall Championship.

4) Ness Wadia College Shree –Pune 2005- -WON Gold medal and Overall Championship.

5) Inter College title – SP College Pune 2005 - -WON Gold medal and Overall Championship.

6) Won accolades and participated in several State, National and International competitions.

Future aspects: I want to become the 1st Indian Body Builder to win the Olympia. Also I want to help  build Body Building as a sport in India and also build a strong platform for other sports as well.

Randhir Singh:

Randhir Singh


My aim in life was to become a body builder always as body building was a part of our family. I didn’t have the proper training that I needed so when I got introduced to Gurudatt Gym (Sir Pravin Sakpal),from there my career took off. I received my proper training that encouraged me to put my best into this Sport more.
Future: As of now, my aim is to train myself and compete in the best international body building and fitness competitions.

Cedric Mathew:

Cedric Math


It took  a long time for me realize that my way of living wasn’t actually living. I never had the plans for becoming a fitness freak. But I was ambitious and wanted to be the best in whatever I did. It took my everything but I just had to keep fighting and so I transformed myself into a fit and healthy soul. My experiences motivated me never back down and I often find myself wanting more!

Pratik Shetty:

Pratik Shetty


For me motivation came at a certain point when I was giving my medical tests for my Pilot training. That is when I realized that I have to have a fit body and wanted to get into Body Building. Rest is history  and today I am training hard to reach my goal.
Future: I want to be India’s top fitness model and be an inspiration to all the aspiring fitness models.

Edward Fernandes:

Edward Fernandes


“Constant pursuit of being the best I can be physically”-that is what that motivated me to transform myself. When one of India’s finest athletes spotted the potential in me, along with his guidance and a 100% dedication from that moment onward I found myself at the finals, standing on the stage of BodyPower INDIA. Quoting the words of Gandhi, “I am an average man of less than average ability and not the shadow of a doubt that any man or woman can achieve what I have, if he or she would make the same effort and cultivate the same hope and faith.”
Future plans: As I have just started off with my career in fitness, I want to be one of India’s top fitness models.